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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No more hosting for me

For some reason I always like to attempt something myself before trying to get help from others. I meant that specifically for Computer Science, but I suppose it's true most of the time actually. Ah well, sometimes it helps me because I can learn why I'm using something and why it needs to work the way it does. For example, I tried to host my own blog over at, but I quickly realized that 1. I don't have the time to manage a web server and 2. I'm not interested enough in sysadmin stuff to do it. The reasoning was that I could do anything I wanted with my blog, so if I wanted to program a cool widget-looking thing and rendered some weird Java 3d world, I could do it.

I wanted a blog for the simple reason of keeping track of research (being able to tag posts is a great thing). And Blogspot is a great tool for doing so. It lets me spend time where I need to be spending it.

So, I'm going to start posting here about my 3d graphical developments in Gambit Scheme/Termite.


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And Blogspot is a great tool for doing so. It lets me spend time where I need to be spending it.

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